Shop Hop Cancelled

Sorry everyone.  The Shop Hop has been cancelled.  We were unable to make it affordable for the 22 people who signed-up.  Even when we tried to find other transportation companies or smaller vehicles.  

Thanks for your interest and support!  

We'll be returning checks and funds received.


  1. If there's no shop hop, is there going to be a meeting? I thought it was said at last meeting if it didn't happen, we would have a sew day. Is that still the case?

    1. Good questions Jill. We were actually discussing details this morning. It will be an open sew day with the bees exchanging blocks, those of us who want to work on the Fisher House 2016 quilt, and possibly a Crestview version of the shop hop with A Quilter's Place participating and Margie's Sew Much Fun. We're waiting on an answer from Margie's. How does it sound?

    2. That sounds great, would love to do sew day and exchange bee blocks. I'm probably out for shop hop because I'm guessing after this week, I will have zero flexible income for fabric. Thanks!


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